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Eclectic Sample Schedule

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What do eclectic homeschoolers do all day? Is there a schedule?

Eclectic Sample Schedule

FMath: Make a trip to the grocery store, with child totaling the bill and budgeting with the calculator.
FPenmanship: Copy poems from a favorite book.
FGeography: Plan a trip to Washington, DC, using travel brochures and maps.
FSpelling: Play Scrabble.
FOutside Class: Child might have a series of classes away from home such as dance, music or art.

FMath: Spend 20 minutes or so calculating how far it is to Alpha Centauri.
FAmerican History: Read "The Men Who Built the Railroad Across America" from American Adventures, Pt.1 by Morrie Greenberg, and then watch the Kaw Valley video about the same topic and discuss it.
FReading: Student reads aloud 20 minutes to mom from "With Lee in Virginia" by G.A. Henty.
FGrammar: Mom and student spend 20 minuets working from grammar workbook Explore the Code.
FPoetry and Literature: Mom reads Uncle Tom's Cabin aloud for 20 or 30 minutes. Or the child vould begin memorizing a favorite poem, possible the same one copied for penmanship on Monday.

FMath: Mom writes out and explains the times tables from 1 to 5.
FPenmanship: Child writes a letter to Grandma.
FGeography: The family plays Take Off.
FSpelling: Mom and student spend 20 minutes looking at the book English from the Roots Up about words with Lain and Greek roots.
FOutside Class: Dance.

FMath: Student skipped math to watch calf being born. Later helped Mom balance the checkbook.
FAmerican History: Began reading a novel by Oliver Optic (Lost Classics Books).
FReading: This is covered by History assignment.
FGrammar: The student could work in the grammar workbook for 20 minutes, or mom and student could discuss how language is different in the Oliver Optic book from language today.
FSpanish: If the student is studying the language at home, one of the slf-teaching methods can be used; otherwise, an outside teacher can do the instructing.

FThis could be a day off or a free day when the student chooses what s/he wants to do.



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