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The Unit Study - Nuts-n-Bolts

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What is the unit study method and how do I use it?

The Unit Study - Nuts-n-Bolts

Unit study is very flexible and is very effective. It is the latest fad in public education. You can do the unit study method from an unschooling approach or from the parental approach. Some examples include;

• You can plan a unit study on astronomy and, if your child is more interested in the planets than the constellations, you can concentrate on that aspect, yet still "cover the material" by working it into other parts of the curriculum.

• If you follow the parental method and want to use a unit study, you could create your own unit about the Romantic period (1820-1900) in European history. You could design your own timeline of Europe, showing the great achievements in art, music, and thought and then study the cultural atmosphere, the attitudes of government and the people around the Continent during that time.

• You could study Renoir's paintings and artistic methods and perhaps read a book about his life. Or you could listen to Beethoven's music and read a biography. While reading about them, you could learn to prepare period food.

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