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What do Teachers Know?

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Don´t teachers know something about "teaching" that parents don´t?

What do Teachers Know?

A school teacher's job is to present the curriculum chosen by the school administration to 25-40 children at a time in a classroom setting and moving them through the school year on time. A homeschooling parent's job, however, is much different. Here are some advantages to homeschooling:

• While homeschooling you will be working with your child in a setting you choose and recognize to be what is right for him or her.

• You can adjust your focus at any time to meet the changing needs of your student and your family.

• You can work certain times of year, and less during others (if your state doesn't require school-year-strict attendance records).

• You can spend more time on a "weak" academic topic and less time on a strong one.



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