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Homeschooling as Effective as Regular Schooling

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Do homeschooled children do as well academically as public and private school children?

Homeschooling as Effective as Regular Schooling

Think you can't teach as well as the pros? Maybe you can!

When thinking about the pros and cons of homeschooling, one common misconception about homeschooling is that homeschooled children don't do as well academically as their publicly educated peers. In fact, current research shows that homeschoolers do as well as or better than their peers academically; they score well on SATs and encounter no special problems pursuing higher education.

If you're seriously considering home schooling your child, chances are that you can do it well, so the biggest question you should grapple with is not whether you're child would actually learn from you in your home, but instead whether you are willing to put in the time necessary to truly do the job well.



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